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Al-Rajhi Travels is a travel agency that provides various services related to travel and visa processing. They offer services such as air ticket bookings for domestic and international flights, processing of study and work permit visas, visa processing for Europe and the Middle East, assistance with passport applications, and India visa processing. They may also provide additional travel-related services such as hotel bookings, travel insurance, and tour packages. If you have any specific questions about Al-Rajhi Travels or their services, feel free to ask!

Tourist visa

"Al Rhaji Travel simplifies your adventure with seamless tourist visa services—unlocking global destinations effortlessly."

Work visa
Work Visa

we are providing work visa services in United kingdom ,Europe, Midlist etc.

air ticket
Air Ticket

Al-Rajhi Travels offers air ticket services. They provide air ticket booking for both domestic and international flights[^1^]. To avail their services, you can book your air tickets directly through their website or contact them for assistance.

Hotel Booking

"Al Rhaji Travel: Elevate your stay with our seamless hotel booking services, ensuring comfort and unforgettable experiences."

Hajj & Umrah

"Al Rhaji Travel: Fulfill your spiritual journey with our dedicated Hajj & Umrah services, providing a sacred pilgrimage experience."

Student visa
Student Visa Processing

"Al Rhaji Travel: Navigate your educational journey smoothly with our expert student visa processing services, ensuring success abroad."


"Al Rhaji Travel: Facilitating educational journeys with our streamlined services, including efficient student e-passport processing for global learning experiences.""

Change of ticket date

"Al Rhaji Travel simplifies your plans with hassle-free change of ticket date services, ensuring flexibility and convenience."

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